Amber For Babies – review and giveaway

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Amber For Babies contacted me and asked me to review one of their popular teething necklaces. I chose the Lemon Raw Beads Amber Necklace over the Honey color because I’ve read that the lighter the color of the amber, the more succinic acid is in it. Succinic acid is absorbed into the skin and helps relieve pain when worn near the source of pain, hence necklaces for teething babies.

From the website:

“When the amber comes in contact with the warmth of your baby’s skin, it unlocks the natural healing properties within each stone. Since amber is the fossilized
form of tree resin, it has special properties unlike any other piece of jewelry
on the market and releases healing oils that reduce the pain and redness caused
by teething.”

Their necklaces are made entirely by hand using genuine Baltic amber. If the chain were to break, which is a safety concern for young children, they tie two knots on either end of each bead so that no beads scatter or fall off, making less of a choking hazard. However, it would be advisable to supervise small children with it.


This is the necklace on my 2 1/2 year old daughter:

D7K_9901 copy D7K_9897 copyShe loves it and requests to wear it all the time. Here it is on my (then) 4 month old son (who’s 5 months 😉 old now):

D7K_9908 copy D7K_9913 copy He loves it too. In a way though, if I could, I’d introduce it to my children when they were younger because then they’d be used to it and it wouldn’t be a thing to play and fiddle with. I will admit it makes me nervous for both of them…it is long enough to reach into both of their mouths, and while I’m sure it’s safe, I just don’t want them to test the boundaries of its durability! I don’t think I was able to leave it on either child long enough for me to tell if it was helping with any pain unfortunately. Our daughter is all done with teething, so she couldn’t tell us if any pain was gone…and my son is definitely teething but every time he’d wear the necklace his sister would insist it was her turn to wear it! 😉 So it’s popular at least!

D7K_9939 copyI have always loved crystals and gemstones and find their healing properties so fascinating. I think they’re an underused resource in God’s natural “pharmacy”, like the more well-known medicinal uses of herbs. Amber teething necklaces have been utilized by Europeans for centuries, however, because their beneficial qualities are well known.  In fact, while I was doing this review, I remembered something I’d read in one of my family histories that I am convinced is referencing an amber necklace:

“At this time, people believed a certain string of beads, each bead no larger than the head of a pin, strung around the neck of a baby, would prevent colic. One day a neighbor was visiting the ‘******’s’. They lady took the string of beads off her baby’s neck, and strung them around Daniel’s neck. The baby was Maria ‘*******’, born on May **, 1818. When Daniel was born, she was old enough not to need the beads.”

I’m sure it was amber, and it is beneficial to all pains, not just teething, so it would help with colic! In fact, I’m sure it would help adult migraine sufferers as well. If you’d like to read or learn more about amber necklaces, go to their Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces informational site.

Amber For Babies has generously offered to give away one of their amber teething necklaces to one of my readers! Please leave a comment below, stating which necklace you’d like to win. Go to Amber For Babies to choose! This giveaway will end on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) 2014! Good luck!

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